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Some of our recent client testimonials

Some of our recent client testimonials

Debt Relief - FAQ

How does debt relief work?

Debt relief works by negotiating with creditors to lower the total amount owed, reduce interest rates, or create more manageable repayment plans.

What types of debt relief options are available?

Debt relief options include debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt management plans, and bankruptcy, each tailored to different financial situations.

Will debt relief affect my credit score?

Debt relief can impact your credit score, but the extent varies depending on the option chosen. However, improving your debt situation over time can positively influence your credit score.

Who qualifies for debt relief?

Individuals or businesses struggling with overwhelming debt burdens may qualify for debt relief. Qualification criteria typically depend on factors such as income, debt amount, and financial hardship.

How long does debt relief take?

The duration of debt relief varies depending on the chosen option and individual circumstances. Some strategies may take months to years to complete.

What debts can be included in debt relief programs?

Debt relief programs can include various types of unsecured debts, such as credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, and certain types of business debts.

Will I still owe money after debt relief?

The goal of debt relief is to reduce or eliminate debt, but in some cases, you may still owe a portion of the original debt, depending on the chosen relief option.